going on despite.

some days i just cannot see the way. some days “right now” is so overwhelming that i cannot fathom tomorrow. what it might bring, how i might handle it. like many things in my life, i have pretty much zero consistency in dealing with stress or difficulties. but if i were to be fully honest, you could say that i am consistently inconsistent. sometimes i meet difficulties and challenges head-on with determination and gusto. other times, i hide, hoping it will all blow over as quickly as it cropped up.

tomorrow, i don’t know what i am going to do to try to reverse the pendelum swing. i took a big step today towards making change but the action has to wait until next week. might as well be a world away. what can happen between now and then. will it get worse?  harder? or will things get better? easier? all i know for sure is that i will go on despite it all. i will. go on.

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