sometimes there are so many things on our to do lists, our honey-do lists, our must-accomplish lists, our whatever lists that we find it difficult to even get started. there are so many important things to do that we find it nearly impossible to effectively prioritize every item.

something that works for me is writing it all down. not just trying to remember it in my head, but going through the trouble to get out a note pad or notebook or whatever and start writing a list of what i need to do or what i want to do. listing it all. then, just start with one item from the list. it can be the first thing listed or the last thing listed or even the 3rd or 7th. which item it is doesn’t matter.

after completing the first item that i’ve chosen, it kind of becomes a game to see how many things on the list i can complete.

just doing it seems to be the key.

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