it only seems fitting. or lazy.

15 books that will always stick with you (from a FB meme)

1. A Return to Love
2. Eat, pray, love
3. On Writing
4. Still Alice
5. To Kill a Mockingbird
6. Black Like Me
7. She’s Come Undone
8. The Alienist
9. The Alchemist
10. IT
11. Talisman
12. Left Behind (series)
13. The Dark Tower (series)
14. The Courage to Heal
15. Indian Captive: The Story of Mary Jemison

and just for embarrassment’s sake:

15 random songs on your MP3 player:

  1. jack & diane (john mellencamp)
  2. peaceful easy feeling (little texas cover of the eagles)
  3. she gets that way (kenny chesney)
  4. you win, i win, we lose (kenny chesney)
  5. beautiful is gone (the ruse)
  6. can’t help falling in love (corey hart)
  7. 14 years (guns & roses)
  8. say you love me (fleetwood mac)
  9. tonight’s the night (rod stewart)
  10. it ain’t enough (corey hart)
  11. Rhiannon (fleetwood mac)
  12. desperado (clint black cover of the eagles)
  13. forever young (rod stewart)
  14. red light (david nail)
  15. you got it (bonnie raitt)

i REALLY need to update my playlist huh?

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