if love is possible…..

then so is money & beauty.

adding more to the mondo beyondo list……..i did the timed list-making exercise yet again and this is what came out:

eliminate my own personal financial debt and that i have created/caused for others for whatever reason; in other words–to have zero outstanding debt; which will lead to or coincide with attainment of a healthy relationship with money & finances for financial security


i want to be beautiful.  (it is really this simple, but i go on and on with this like i did the love thing before……i let it out that this is one thing that really bothers me)

i want to reach and maintain a healthy goal weight that puts me in a size 4, 6, or 8 (single digits BABY!)

i want a smile like Julia Roberts–straight, white, healthy teeth and healthy gums

i want a clear and smooth complexion

i want my hair (on my head–lest there be any confusion!!) to be thick and beautiful again

i don’t know which was more of a surprise, the love thing or the beauty thing? both were there deep down but were things i thought i had given up on. to have them make such a strong appearance has kind of thrown me for a loop. i’m processing this and trying really hard not to overanalyze things–to just show up and do my part, trusting the universe to do its part.

what about you? what are your forgotten or hidden dreams?

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2 Responses to if love is possible…..

  1. memyselfandotherthings says:

    I agree the hidden dreams are the ones that came out bursting as if to say “Hey you, have you forgotten about me?”

  2. Jaymie says:

    Sounds like an exciting discovery time you are in, enjoy the surprises.

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