new tomorrow.

today is august 31st and i have officially achieved a personal goal for myself.  i have managed to post for 31 consecutive days to this blog. the only thing that i have a history of being consistent with is inconsistency.  i decided to challenge myself to complete a NaBloPoMo, which is posting to your blog every day for a month. NaBloPoMo was started as sort of an alternative to NaNoWriMo and has expanded to a monthly theme (although it is optional to post on theme). the theme for august 2009 was tomorrow. my post have not been entirely on theme, but i think that indirectly they were.

i find myself thinking of tomorrow, more and more. less as a result of daily posting on this theme and more as an attitude of  looking forward with optimism and wonder, tempered by a dash of caution.

today marks the end. and a beginning. the end of a challenge to myself and the beginning of a new habit to open myself up to being. just being. i know now that the choices that i make today will shape my world tomorrow. i know now that i am best served by choosing wisely.


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2 Responses to new tomorrow.

  1. Jaymie says:

    Look at you go!! AWESOME

  2. Jess says:

    That is IMPRESSIVE! I feel like such a lazy blogger. 🙂

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