even if you believe that everything & everyone is beautifully & wonderfully made,  it is sometimes hard to see the beauty because of our own perceptions, emotions, and assumptions.

what if we could see the beauty in all despite these often powerful obstacles? what if we made the conscious decision to find beauty everywhere?

now, i am not naive enough to believe that this is an easy task and i’m guessing that some things may be impossible to find beauty in. think of the grossest, most nauseating sight you have ever witnessed & you get my drift.

today, i challenged myself to look at each person i see with the expectation of witnessing beauty. as i commuted into NYC and walked in the crowds of New Yorkers, commuters, & tourists, i tried to see with a different set of eyes. in some cases it was easier to see the beauty; whereas in other cases, it was a cognitive struggle. stereotypes would automatically leap to mind or emotional reactions would push foward.

i saw faces full of light that i would have ordinarily dismissed as bland or nondescript. i saw years of a life lived fully in the sparkling eyes that i normally would not have peered into. i found a smile waiting for me in a corner i might not have usually noticed. looking for beauty today brought moments of joy into my world. looking for beauty also brought some understanding of the triggers that shut down my open-mindedness. understanding the obstacles is one way to remove or diminish them so that maybe tomorrow, i can see even more beauty and experience even more joy.

Homeless Man & His Dog. Photo by Kirsten Bole.

Homeless Man & His Dog. Photo by Kirsten Bole.

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  1. Jaymie says:

    It is my favorite challenge to walk out the door with – it really tilts the globe, no matter how small our piece of it might be.

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