everywhere but here.

everything has beauty. not everyone sees it. — confucius 

this quote is in my email signature at work. it is one of those quotes that, the minute i saw it, it sang to me. it reminded me that there is hidden beauty everywhere in this world, including in me. that’s probably the hardest one: finding beauty in the mirror, it seems, is quite difficult for most people. i know it is next to impossible for me. some days i can see something glimmering there, whereas other days i see nothing remotely resembling beauty. the same for the inner qualities that i know i possess. it’s a difficult thing to change the way  you view yourself, especially when your self-perception has been distorted for so long. 

can i learn to see beauty in the mirror and within? and a bigger question is, if i find it, can i accept it? 

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2 Responses to everywhere but here.

  1. Jaymie says:

    you can embrace it.

  2. Just tell yourself over and over and over. Eventually you can live yourself into the belief-like Rilke told the young poet-live the question and you will eventually become the answer.

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