regeneration day.

all that we are is the result of what we have thought — buddha

did you know that the body pretty much is new every 7 years? your body is constantly shedding “old” cells and creating new ones. so after about seven years every single cell in your body has been shed and replaced at least once.

the human body is an amazing machine. a level of amazement that i don’t think we will ever fully comprehend even though “we” are human. yet, the real power is in the human experience of being reborn. we can remake ourselves each and every day if we so choose.

when i read the quote above from buddha and read similar statements of how what we think becomes who we are, i am reminded that i have the power to change my whole life if only i would just believe. i look at the person that i am today and the realization that all the thoughts that i have clung to, whether i truly wanted to or not, have manifest themselves into me.

how long will it take for me to continuously think of the things i want in order for me to become what i want to be? i quit smoking in 2006. are my lungs “new” yet? are they non-smoker lungs yet? i’ve been using this new (to me) fingernail treatment for about a month now and my nails seem to be “new”, stronger, and longer.

then i think that i will be 42 in a couple of months and i wonder, can all this old junk be shed from my mind from 42 years? will i even live long enough to reap the benefits?

the answer is: it is worth it. i can all be shed and replaced. if i live just one more day, it is worth it to shed the old thoughts and try on the new ones. just one day.

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One Response to regeneration day.

  1. Jaymie says:

    I like the every seven years idea. It used to seem kind of spooky until I remembered that we don’t shed all the old cells at the same time. A process is much easier to live with. I attempt to try on new thoughts more frequently now, the joy of being 45. 😉

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