belief to grow on.

you must first change your thinking & expectations – The Secret

what am i thinking today? what am i expecting today?

today i will think of living an abundant life full of wealth, happiness, joy, and creativity. that is the easy part. i am really good at thinking.

expecting is a whole ‘nother animal. expecting is believing that it is going to come. expecting is that unwavering faith in the universe that seems to be so hard to hang onto for any length of time. for me anyway.

this is my delimma. how do i learn to sustain belief in something that may not necessarily be logical or rational? is it even healthy to sustain an unwavering faith in such things? without this expectation, the things that i think are just that: things that i think of. They remain, “silly dreams that can never be realized” no matter how much or how hard i wish. without the belief that these dreams are possible, that these wishes are attainable, that these thoughts are my reality, then my existence and reality will stay as they are and never change.

how IS it that we come to believe something that we cannot prove with scientific precision? how do we come to believe in this God, Allah, Buddha, Great Spirit, the One, The Universe, that we cannot see and touch? how do we come to believe so fervently in the invisible?

i want to grow this belief. i want to grow in this belief.

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One Response to belief to grow on.

  1. Camellia says:

    Isn’t this an interesting journey?

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