socially mandated ideals of beauty.

just say no. teach your kids to say no.

the sooner that you learn that everyone is beautiful in his or her own way, the better off this whole planet will be.

i look at little petey, the orange tabby who followed me and Ainsley home one night about 1 and half years ago. he was ugly. terribly ugly. i was concerned that he had some sort of birth defect, serious injury, or lord knows what that made him so ugly. but he was so sweet. way sweeter than the ugliness. i was a rough looking little fella who needed a bath, a trip to the vet, and some kitty box boot camp. i stuck it out with petey because i saw his beauty despite his terribly messed up mouth. he takes steroids to manage the ulcers he gets due to some type of allergy. he doesn’t look completely normal by cat standards, but to me, he is so gorgeous and sweet and loving and he makes my heart swell with pride when he snuggles with me.

i have friends i’ve made as an adult and in seeing the pictures of them from when they were teens, i have seen the proof that awkward, ugly-duckling stages can be grown out of. some embrace their quirks and that makes them all the more attractive. i think of julia roberts and her big ole butter-bean nose (that is a nose with nostrils plenty big to shove a bunch of butter beans up into just for the sake of saying you did). that girl embraces who she is and makes no apologies. i love that. i wonder if i can ever get to that point that i can embrace my flaws. right now, i can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror for longer than a few seconds, so i’m guessing this would be a long haul kind of thing.

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2 Responses to socially mandated ideals of beauty.

  1. Keetha says:

    Who is the model and actress with the gap in her teeth who never had it fixed and now is considered so striking? I love that, too.

    Learning to own it – whatever you are, whoever you are – that’s the key. Beauty is relative.

    I hope you’re feeling better about you soon. 🙂

  2. memyselfandotherthings says:

    I love the sound of your cat! 🙂

    I hope you find a way to learn to embrace your looks. I have been in this place of not liking what I saw and although nothing has changed in my looks I have started to embrace by picking out single things I like….

    Be kind to yourself!

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