the grace.

this weekend i’ve been away at a conference. down south. sort of.

louisville, ky isn’t really the deep south like where i’m from, but it sure does exude the southern hospitality, kindness, warmth, friendliness, helpfulness, consideration, and courtesy that i grew up with. even my traveling companion, who is a native new yorker was blown away by the stark contrast between the new york attitude and the way of life in the south. it is such a refreshing change.

this reminds me that i am proud to be from the beautiful, richly diverse, welcoming south. i am proud of my heritage as a southerner and proud of my humble roots in mississippi. i may not be so proud of everything i’ve done. i may struggle with accepting my appearance. i may struggle to find my true happiness. i have quite a few things that i wish i could change about my past and my history, but i wouldn’t dare wish to change the fact that i am a southerner, by the grace of god.

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One Response to the grace.

  1. Keetha says:

    I hear you, sister.

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