patrick swayze passed away today. he was 57. bless his heart. so many are referencing his role as johnny castle in Dirty Dancing, but my favorite and i think his best role ever was drag queen Vita Boheme in To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar. my GOSH that man showed totally mind-blowing range with that role. damn he was good. he will be missed. my thoughts and prayers go out to his wife, Lisa, and his family & friends.

To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything. Julie Newmar


today, i think i see a light at the end of the tunnel. some internal tide is turning and i’m starting to feel some kind of spark that i might just make the progress that i need to make in order to keep hanging on. i’ve made commitments that i may not be able to keep, at least not on the time constraint that, thus far, seems immovable. i’ve made commitments that i fully intend to keep, come hell or high water. most of all, i’ve made a commitment to myself to reach for my potential, wherever that takes me.

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2 Responses to transitioning.

  1. Keetha says:

    That last line? I love that. Do you mind if I borrow it? Those are some great words to live by.

    I’m so glad you brought up this movie; I’d forgotten about it! I’ve never actually seen it and I should. Too many friends talk about how hilarious it is.

  2. jacque says:

    girl, take it! quote me! make me famous! =)

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