Flickr photo by Kevin Dooley

Flickr photo by Kevin Dooley

life is on an upswing. funny thing is, i think i weathered this recent storm much better than i ever have in the past and i don’t see myself having as difficult of a time dealing with life’s “downs” in the future. cuz, dude, we all know that life has ups AND downs. no getting around that. life is good.

when i was in louisville, i don’t know if people are just nicer, look you in the eye more, or if i was feeling better about myself or what, but i noticed that people were looking at me. and i didn’t feel as uncomfortable as i have in the recent past about it. now granted, ainsley was with me pretty much most of the time. so it may have been more of them looking at her and trying to figure out what was “wrong” with me. sorry folks. it ain’t always something you can see. you know that was probably it. and here i was thinking maybe it was because folks thought i was purtyfull. dammit.

i even got done with a big chunk of the mountain of work i need to complete. i really need to get cracking with cranking out all these manuscripts that are just collecting dust and cobwebs. it is true what they say in academia: publish or perish. well i have no intention of perishing, sugar.

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  1. Jaymie says:

    Cheering you on.

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