corner of central park & the city

corner of central park & the city

some corners we come to and our eyes feast on new visions. our ears on new sounds. our soul on new feelings. and some corners we come to that, although they bring something new to us, they also harken us back to times before. remind us of where we’ve been.

taylor's grocery....what fun!

taylor's grocery....what fun!

and perhaps it gives us a glimpse of where we’d like to go

paradise in the maldives

paradise in the maldives

standing on corners, taking in all that life has to offer and taking stock of all the obvious and not-so-obvious opportunities that stand waiting before us in all direction, it gets to you sometimes.

sometimes you can be calm, centered, and open to what comes. sometimes we put too much of who we think we need to be in our interpretations of what comes our way. sometimes we are so withdrawn into ourselves and our issues–big and small–that we fail to notice.

but there will always be corners.

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3 Responses to corners.

  1. girlgeum says:

    And some stay on the corners, not moving. Perhaps afraid to–what’s around them?

  2. Jaymie says:

    turning a corner almost always leads to surprise. i love an adventure.

  3. silentwaystoheal says:

    oh so many corners of surprises like what jaymie said.
    but one must not expect too much love on every corners…
    there are times you’ll get the opposite one…
    but well, enjoy, enjoy your stay in every corner because for sure, there’s something u will learn

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