this is what i like.

some more than the others:

coca-cola and coke zero

Life is Good products. their shirts in particular as SO unbelievably soft and keep their shape for like EVAH.

wasabi green peas crunch.crunch. POW! crunch. crunch. POW! =)

julia roberts. i really really wanted to be her.

sushi & sashimi. which i am sure will shock the shorts right off of hal batson since i made the most ugly faces the first time i ever had the stuff at one of our meet up dinners or lunches.

chipotle barbacoa with the works, no rice, pintos, not black, pico, corn, green, sour cream, cheese, guac. wrap that sucka up.

jeans, white t shirt, cool but simple accessories, substantial and utilitarian bag, ass-kicking boots. i would look good in that kind of outfit. someday.

orange chuck taylor converse. size 9.

green salads of every imaginable kind as long as they have only bits of the bitter greens, plenty of shredded carrots, chick peas, yellow pepper strips, mushrooms, and balsamic or ranch dressing. dude i could eat salad all day every day if they’d let me.

my blackberry storm 9530.  i’m on phone # 3 or 4. something like that but only cuz i screw things up so much. this last time was because i lost it somewhere. in penn station. which means i lost it. forever. got my replacement the next day and now have fancy new orange cover to replace my previous orange silicone cover. i am not so sure the current orange cover will be able to win me over since the orange is more of a darker orange. anyway, i just love this phone. i really really do. it has changed my life dude!

i think the golla bag i got to help me learn not to lay my phone down just anywhere will become a thing that i love as well. time will tell.

oh did i mention that i still, after all these long years, still love keanu reeves? well i do.

i also love NYC. no other place like it on the planet. it has its dark sides, but it also has its light. its charming. its beauty, love, and warmth. not quite like what i’m used to down in the deep south, but it is there. you have to realize that you must search for this in this city and when you search, you must search with a sincerely open and willing mind. on those days i wonder why? why? why? do i feel so pulled into this city, all it takes in one subway ride. one quick walk a few blocks to sit at central park and watch the people. this is a city of excitement, spontaneity, creativity. it is abuzz with energy. the vibrations that are sent out here reach all around the world.

i love my dogs and my cats. i could even find room in my heart to love a few more maybe even bunnies and goats and koi fish and birds and horses. i really reallllllly love animals. i’m especially drawn to dogs, cats, horses, and goats. only because that has been my experience. i wonder if there are others that i could be drawn to and rescue.

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