most of us can’t stand to be alone. many of us have a deep seated fear of being alone for the rest of our lives–of dying alone.

well, i’ve come to the realization that i have been alone most of my life, even in the presence of others, and thus, will most likely be alone for the remainder of my life, however long or short that may be. i guess this waiting game i play sometimes, suddenly has no meaning.

time to find something else to do when i’m normally “waiting” for mr. right or prince charming or keanu reeves to ring my bell, waiting for someone to want to do something that involves me, waiting for someone to tell me what to do next, waiting for someone to realize that you’re supposed to give as much as you take, waiting for someone to realize they really want to hang out with you, waiting for someone to realize that they really do want to break down your barriers, waiting. plain old waiting. or actually it should be called”wasting”.

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3 Responses to alone.

  1. Jaymie says:

    Strange how we can sometimes feel more lonely with others in the room. Somehow knowing that I am not the only one that sometimes feels that way makes it a duller ache. I wish you a quick retreat from lonely moments and abundance to remove the urge to wait.

  2. silentwaystoheal says:

    waiting and alone,
    ive spent the 23 years of my life waiting or like what you said wasting.
    sometimes it is better to say it is wasting because it really is.
    there were times when i thought the waiting and the aloneness is over, but after all the floating times on a fake cloud, it will turn out it’s all wasting…

    but then, we just have to suck it up.. and move on.
    keep moving until the waiting is no longer wasting.

  3. Tasneem R says:

    Hi Jacque….I’ m too waiting like you said for my price charming! but I also believe in patience..waiting for the right cause and having a true heart will make your waiting worth for you get in the end.
    Attitude is fundamental to the success or failure that we experience in our life.Take this test to have a closer look at yourself and you may find the key to turning your life around.


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