dude. how did it get to be the middle of october already? time went by like “whoosh”.

lots of things going on here in terms of both quantity and quality. mostly good. a sprinkling of bad. the bad is that i’ve been stricken with the sickies. just now getting over the flu, which i think is leaving me with a sinus infection as a parting shot. gotta love it.

therapy is going quite well. some barriers have been prodded and are slowly beginning to show signs of weakening. this is a good thing. i’ve had some therapy homework that is helping me deal with the problem of procrastination. i have to say that i’ve been fairly successful in making progress in so many areas.

the remainder of this month will be very action packed as i am preparing for a trips to wisconsin and dc before welcoming my mother, my cousin Josh, and his lovely wife Jamy to the NYC area. mama to visit her baby girl (that’s me) and Josh to run the NYC marathon. Jamy, mama, and I are his entourage and look forward to seeing him cross that finish line. he’s trained so hard and battled some issues with his knee. i’m so proud of this kid. he’s definitely got determination.

in the middle of october, i’m pretty much in the middle on many fronts. the “to do” list isn’t as anxiety provoking as it once was. there are still more than a few items on that to-do list that make me antsy. there are new relationships being forged, familiar relationships deepening and growing, and old relationships evolving and strengthening. there are relationships that i’ve had to let go of and some that have taken turns i couldn’t have expected. i am learning to trust myself and learning to simply experience the journey, letting it make me who i am meant to be. the whole process of opening up to myself and taking each “next step” on the journey is full of the unknown, and thus, both exciting and scary.

so here i stand, both literally and figuratively, in the middle. behind me lies my past, broken, crumpled, and littered with dust, crumbs, and glitter. ahead of me lies the possibility filled future that i now realize that i have more control over than i had ever imagined possible.

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One Response to middle.

  1. Jaymie says:

    Thank you for the update – here’s to the possibilities!! Cheers!

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