so. i had surgery on friday december 11th for the second cochlear implant (in the left ear). i got my first cochlear implant in august 2005 in my right ear. there are several differences in the surgery this time around that seem to be making it much less painful. i have not even had to take pain medication–only OTC tylenol.

not a car wreck!

post-op for 2nd cochlear implant

i told my surgeon that i would hunt him down if he screwed up my hair when he shaved the spot for the implant. i think i said it enough that he got sick of hearing it. he pulled his own little scrub hat off to reveal his balding top with hair on the sides and said “you say it one more time, this is what i am gonna give you!” LOL needless to say, i shut up about my hair after that. =) he done good. only a small shaved spot right behind the left ear. my doc rocks!

now, i know the picture above would seem to indicate that i spent a little face time with some asphalt, but such is not the case. the scraped up nose and cheeks are the result of an ambien induced exfoliation experiment which involved my face and an abrasive pad made for scrubbing pots and pans and bathroom sinks and tubs. ambien seems to make me focus on whatever is sort of in the subconscious and just do it. my subconscious is obviously filled with the need to look better. strangely enough i end up making myself look pretty tore up, literally.

i have had some very interesting things happen to me over the past two to three months that all seem to point to the wonderful effects of positive thinking, being open to whatever comes, and mindfulness. while some of these interesting events were initally a bit unwelcome, i see that the universe c0nspires in ways that i may not fully understand to get me to where i need to be.  i simply have to have faith that things will work out.

i hope you will have faith that the universe will conspire to get YOU where you need to be.

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One Response to bionic.

  1. Heather says:

    awesome on all accounts! So glad the surgery went well! And yes, being open does marvelous things! 🙂

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