up ahead on the horizon are shapes and figures that seem, at once, strange and familiar to me. to my heart. to the innocent and the guilty.

i see and i feel love on that horizon. a love that hurts and a love that heals. i am both afraid and excited. i see my future but i also see my undoing.

protecting myself while also being open to this new development on the horizon is a careful game of balance. trying to keep my head and heart equally engaged rather than one overwhelming the other is the goal.

life continually surprises me. do i trust what i am seeing and feeling? not entirely. i realize that my perception of things may not be as accurate as reality. i realize that my desires are incited by the possibilities, thus leading me to see what i want to see. i have to constantly force myself to remove the rose colored glasses in order to see things more accurately.

times like these are times when i wish i could see far beyond the horizon into what happens next. what waits.

james loesch

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