contemplating 3

earlier this year year, i read an article by chris brogan describing his new year’s tradition of focusing on themes or goals for the new year.

i am plunging through the last week of 2009 and looking forward to a whole new decade as the aughts go softly into that good night. as many do during this final week, i am reevaluating my progress on goals for myself, both personal and professional. struggling not to admonish myself with negativity in my retrospection, i am focusing more on what worked and what didn’t.

planning based on solution focused therapy. that’s the tact i’m taking as i plan for the next new year of my life. and of course, old habits die hard. i find myself tossing into the mix the basics of choice or reality theory as i ponder and plan: what do i want? what do i really want? what am i willing to do to get it? when will i start doing it?

2009, the last of the “aughts”, has brought learning, experiences, growth, change, and surprises. what can i do with the things i’ve gained this past year to apply to making this next year even more successful and full of learning, experiencing, growing, changing, and surprises?

i will share my 3 words on january 1, 2010. will you?

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