best of 2010

i’m kicking off the new year–the new decade as many are: with goals and good intentions. i hope i’m also kicking it off with a big scoop of realism as well. i know i’m gonna fall on my ass more than a few times. the goal, dear reader, is to get back up each and every time, regardless of how bruised my ass–or ego–become. basically, i’m going to give it my best.

it’s exceptionally sweet that the nablopomo january blogging theme is “best”. yes i am going to attempt to blog at least once a day every day for the month of january 2010. i have a few ideas of how i am going to approach this task and this theme of “best”. i’m not going to spell anything out on that though. i’m going to let it be a surprise each and every day. i hope you like surprises!

on to my goals for the new year!

me in times square. new year's eve 2009

my goals for 2010 are summed up in three simple words: positive, real, & open.

positive: in 2009 i tried to force positivity into my life. it worked to an extent, but it worked better when i didn’t force it. the challenge ahead for 2010 is to learn to live in positivity. accepting what comes like water over rocks.

real: 2009 brought a great deal of changes for me internally, realizing who i really am and want to be, not who others want me to be or what others expect me to be. in 2010, i plan to focus, through mindfulness and lots of therapy, on being the real me.

open: learning to be open to opportunities and possibilities was a huge part of what happened to me in 2009. i’m not all the way there. i want to be fully open to what the world has to offer AND what i have to offer to the world.

in essence, 2010 is going to be a year of taking it further and going deeper.

what are your goals and how are they summed up in three words? (or however many words you like).

see what chris brogan is doing with his three words for 2010.

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  1. Arwen says:


    Just remember, like a bridge over troubled water…

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