being open to opportunities and possibilities is the key to my success in the next year and beyond–no matter what aspect of my life we are talking about.

i have made such great strides in this area over the past year, thus becoming convinced that openness to possibilities can bring all manner of miracles into my life. in the mondo beyondo online class, i was introduced to the phrase “dwell in possibility”.  now i make efforts, but not EVERY effort, to do just this. my goal for the new year is to make every effort to indeed dwell in possibility and take every opportunity that opens itself to me. taking this a stop further, i also hope to be more aware and open to opportunities to give back rather than just to take and accept. opportunities and possibilities are, i think, two way streets upon which we can give and we can take.the problem is, we often miss opportunities because our hearts, not our eyes, are not open enough to really see them. if we can set aside our own agendas, our own ideas as to what our worlds and lives are supposed to look like, we can see what is really there and really meant to be. we basically have to get out of our way.

the new year is ripe with opportunity at every turn. possibilities await my wide open heart. here i come.

beautiful from flickr

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