visualizing the very best.

visualization is a technique that has some amazing and astounding results. the practice of mentally envisioning the outcome that you wish to attain is too simple, you must mentally envision yourself going through the whole process of attaining the desired outcome. when you do this, your brain actually behaves as if you really WERE doing the thing you are simply imagining. scientists say this sets the brain up to respond as if it has done this before when you actually do the thing you’re imagining.

so when you imagine running that race and crossing the finish line with a personal best time, you are preparing yourself, mentally, to deal with the actual physical process of training and eventually running the race. used in conjunction with actual practice and preparation, visualization techniques can increase the chances that you will, indeed, achieve your goals.

powerful visualization

visualization techniques have even been used for people who are undergoing chemotherapy. while receiving chemo treatments, people were asked to visualize the cancer cells being literally destroyed by little micro-spaceships running around in their bloodstream. each time they would receive a chemo treatment, they would envision the little micro-spaceships destroying more and more cancer cells until there were NO more cancer cells in their bodies. those people who utilized the visualization techniques had a greater reduction in the presence of cancer cells and were more likely to be declared cancer free or in remission than those patients who did not utilize the visualization techniques.

the mind is a powerful tool to use in progressing toward your goals. in fact, i believe that your mind is the BEST tool to utilize. when you utilize the idea of visualization (and there are many different approaches or techniques) along with all the other steps that you must take in order to move towards successful attainment of goals, your chances are greater. why would you NOT use it?

i’m going to be visualizing my way to success and utilizing a variety of visualization techniques in the process. i’ll share some of the techniques here as i work through them.

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One Response to visualizing the very best.

  1. Jaymie says:

    You are back! AND you are doing NaBloPoMo. Good to hear where things are headed!

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