vision boards are one of the techniques to use to help you attain specific goals that you have set for yourself. i heard of the use of making collages many years ago during my masters level training in counseling psychology. i utilized vision collages to help kids and teens develop a sense of self and confidence.

last year, i watched the DVD, The Secret, and was reminded of the use of vision boards in a new way, as a means of making Big Dreams more real. then i participated in the Mondo Beyondo online class and was reminded by some incredibly talented and creative people that vision boards help us also to clarify what it is we really, really want.

so i plan to utilize these collages this year. i have been pouring through old magazines and gathering digital images to create various collages. i am considering how and where i want to make and keep these collages. i can make a big poster board, a little poster board, keep it in a sketch book/scrapbook, or even make a digital collage on my computer. the possibilities truly are endless.

christine kane has been promoting vision boards as a way of manifesting your dreams for quite a while. with the rise in popularity of The Secret and The Law of Attraction, her work has been studied by thousands of people.

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One Response to visionary.

  1. judeshaw says:

    Vision boards are great! Thanks for the reminder – i think I’ll do another one myself.

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