new year, new life?

New year's resolutions

Image by malglam via Flickr

when a new year rolls around, it seems that everyone and their mama is ready to turn over a new leaf. nothing wrong with that, except that few will actually stick to it longer than a few weeks (or days) before giving up. i’ve done that countless times myself. i don’t want that to be me again. i don’t want to keep being “that girl”.

so in the vein of “if you keep doing the same things, you’ll get the same results” i’ve really been challenging myself to remove the box that i have created for myself and to create the life that i really, REALLY want for myself instead. i know what has NOT worked in the past and what has at least helped me move in the right direction so i’ve gathered a wealth of complementary information & resources to apply to my life, added a healthy dose of accountability in action, and decided to make things happen for me rather than to wait for things to happen TO me.

i’ve done the following things over the past several months to move me in the right direction:

1. begun to educate myself in mindfulness practices

2. trying to practice being more aware of what i’m thinking and doing and feeling and which things result in something good for ME

3. trying to be aware of my mistakes and WHY i made them in the first place, how i can learn from them, and how i can use them as lessons for improvement

4. working on bringing down the wall that i’ve built between myself and the world (and other people) and in the process, making myself more vulnerable, yet also more transparent. this has been a kicker…..and the challenge has been to keep the bricks from going back up into the wall when things go bad–and boy have they ever gone bad!

5. challenging myself. period. just challenging myself where i’m uncomfortable and those places / things are infinite in number it seems!

so in so doing, i’ve refused to make any new year’s resolutions. just that whole concept is self-defeating in my mind. i’m just gonna do some things differently with a clear end-goal in mind.

how about you? how are you dealing with or approaching this whole “new year” roll over?

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One Response to new year, new life?

  1. Novelty Pens says:

    Good luck with your resolutions for the New year!… it takes a lot of self motivation and self discipline to stick to the plan… But you can’t get there if you don’t try… Good luck!

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