opportunities from the universe.

i jumped at the chance to sign up with Chalene Johnson’s 30-Day Challenge to master organization & achieve your goals. i’ve been doing chalene’s TurboJam program through Beachbody for a while now and started following her on Facebook, so i had learned that she is big on organization, prioritizing, AND her to-do lists. i knew that she had something valuable to say in this 30-day challenge and i knew that i needed the kick in the pants to move forward with a little hand-holding. this seemed like the best opportunity to take action! we are on day 2 today!

and then….or rather around the same time i discovered Defy The Box, a program by my Twitter friend, Leah Shapiro which strives to help you (me) create your own Kick-Ass Life. those who know me that just the semantics of that got me onboard.  we are on day 3 today!

also at around the same time i had been struggling with trying to get myself set and ready to start p90x, THE extreme fitness program created by Tony Horton and Beachbody. of course, i got sick and felt crappy and it just didn’t happen when i wanted it to happen (before Christmas). then i got an inbox from a Facebook & real life friend in a different town saying that she was going to start p90x on january 3rd and invited me to be an accountability partner with her in this whole process! whoop there went the universe AGAIN! of course, i was all over that like white on rice. tomorrow is the big day so i’ve been making preparations to start no matter what. i even checked out the Beachbody forums and stumbled across (the universe presented to me) a group which will serve as accountability to one another in starting p90x on, yup, january 3rd! i have all my equipment, have my schedule planned, have my grocery list ready, bought my “before” picture outfit (a size too small of course!), and am ready to Bring It!

now, another little tid-bit from the universe has been progressing since october. i heard a Facebook rumor that Beachbody was waiving the coach sign-up fee for all new coaches for some undetermined amount of time. it was true. i signed up. i’ve been using Beachbody products for a while, always going on and off, and never really finishing any one program. i needed accountability, hand-holding, and structure. this was, my gut told me, a way to provide that. nevermind that it might also prove to be a source of additional income or that i’d get some decent discounts on products i was buying anyway. i wanted the opportunity to be held accountable via representing a great company whose mission is to help people to be their best and to eliminate the obesity epidemic, one person at a time. of course, this all took my Beachbody coach, Dawn Barca, by surprise as i had not so much as mentioned any desire to be a coach to her in the past. she hooked me up with all the info and initial introduction to Beachbody coaching as a business and helped me to see that i really could fulfill one of my passions of helping other people lead better, healthier, more productive lives by way of Beachbody coaching.

fast forward to December (and another, closely related universe poke to my backside) and i haven’t made much progress in developing my role as a Beachbody coach and have not even had an official business launch. my excuse was that this was not a good time to do it: i just started a new job, i’m in a new town where i don’t know too many folks, it’s the holiday season, etcetera and so on and blah blah! after an email from Dawn to touch base soon, to which i told her “after the holidays”, i vowed to use my few days holiday from work to focus on getting caught up in my Beachbody training and make some plans. in the middle of all that, quite literally while i was watching a training video, i received an email invitation from Dawn to start a 90-day group challenge with other Beachbody coaches called 90-days To Diamond as a means of launching, growing, and progressing my Beachbody coaching business. it was somewhat last minute, but i knew it was a good thing and most importantly, it was another opportunity from the universe to move me in the direction that i truly want to go. guess when we start?! january 3rd! see the pattern here? i sure do!

so, i’m going to be adding & developing some pages to this here blog as a way to track progress in these areas and to develop my life goals for my new Kick-Ass Life, which definitely include being more organized, achieving goals, getting fit, helping others, and promoting the Beachbody lifestyle!

up at the top header, you’ll find new tabs for fitness and personal development. check them out, wouldja?

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2 Responses to opportunities from the universe.

  1. This subject isn’t always easy- and this comes from someone who gained about 40 lbs in one year. But we just need to take it a day at the time. We do this today, and hope to do it again the next day.

    I hope to get into a pretty steady workout routine in the next three months. Let’s see if I can keep it up! Same goes for you!


  2. Novelty Pens says:

    It takes a lot of motivation and self discipline to stick to the plan..

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