excuses, be damned!

I have already heard, read, or had my own excuses for why this whole getting started with a new fitness & eating program was all too confusing, complex, undoable. Things like:

I don’t know how to cook!

I don’t own any pots & pans!

I don’t even have a kitchen!

I don’t know a shallot from a butterball turkey!

I don’t know how to lift weights!

I don’t do well in fitness classes!

I won’t be able to do all those moves!

My gut will get in my way of doing those ab exercises!

When I jump around my flab will go all jello jiggly on me!


Look, dude, those are obstacles at most; Obstacles that can be dealt with. Don’t know how to cook? Make a plan based on healthy prepared foods or prepackaged foods that can get you through until you can LEARN TO COOK and start researching the best plan of action for you! You might want to take a class, read a book, GOOGLE, ask friends & family to teach/show you.  Buy or borrow pots & pans….they don’t have to be expensive. You can buy used cookware at thrift stores! Tell your family or friends you’re trying to improve your eating habits by cooking more or learning to cook and they will offer all manner of unused items (if they have them).

USE THE INTERNET to find out the difference between a shallot and a butterball turkey! You can find answers to pretty much EVERY. SINGLE. QUESTION. YOU. HAVE. on the internet.  Google is your friend. Really, it is.

If you don’t have a kitchen—in the case of living in a dorm or a similar situation, examine your available options: what healthy foods are available to you in the cafeteria, local restaurants , cafes or even food bars at local grocery markets. Consider getting a microwave, hot plate, crock pot, or other appropriate small appliances IF YOU ARE ALLOWED!

Don’t know how to do all those physical things? Watch the introductory DVDs that came with your program! Watch the full workout DVDs BEFORE you do them! You’ll get lots of tips to keep in mind when you actually DO start the program. You won’t be going in cold, so to speak.  Check the Beachbody website, with your coach, or if you are a coach already, your Beachbody Back Office.  These are just a few of the resources where you can find answers to your questions about how to approach difficult moves, making modifications, and evolving your form. YouTube is also a goldmine of educational information from people who have done this already and who know how to address your particular situation! It may take time, but you can find some ideas out there.

Perhaps the most important thing to do is to consult with your physician before you start this, or any program of fitness. Your doctor knows a lot about you, perhaps more than you care to admit. Your doctor has dealt with all manner of embarrassing, gross, and downright disgusting situations, body parts, and body functions. Your doctor will be thrilled that you want to make improvements and can give you some guidelines for your particular situation, such as what you need to avoid for the time being and what you will be safe with.

In dealing with the embarrassment of the jello-jiggle, that’s where Beachbody products won my heart. No one but me has to know that I jiggle more than a little. No one has to know that I occasionally accidentally fart when I do sit ups and mash all that fat against my internal organs. No one but me has to see me sweat profusely and turn as red as a beet. No one but me has to smell me post workout. No one but me sees when I make a goofy mistake. No one but me…….well, me and my dogs and honestly, they don’t care one iota! That’s the BEAUTY of Beachbody. I control the DVD. I am the dictator of the remote in my home. I don’t have to have an audience and I can pause and stop and rewind at will. It’s such a powerful feeling! So now you have no reason to NOT wear that stretched out, stained up, t shirt, paint stained gym shorts, mismatched socks, non-color-coordinated spandex, that would cause the fashionistas in your neighborhood to ridicule you profusely. No reason exists for you to be self-conscious or embarrassed because NO ONE has to know! I often work out in something I’d never be caught dead wearing outside my home: sports bra and boy-shorts or yoga pants. I want to see the flab so I can be motivated to lose more of it! I also don’t want to be constricted by excess fabric. I want to see how my body moves when I do certain moves. I may not like how it looks now, but it’s mine and I’m doing something about it. And, again, NO ONE HAS TO KNOW!




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