day 3

identify the 10 goals for the next 12 months–the goals that would be so completely awesome if they were to be realized; the goals you’d strive for if money, time, experience, NOTHING were an obstacle for you

(i am writing these goals in the present tense as a means of putting out intentions rather than wishes)

1.) i have lost over 70 lbs

2.) my doctor has taken me off of cholesterol lowering medications

3.) my doctor has eliminated my regimine of anti-depressant medication

4.) i have achieved Team Beachbody Star Diamond ranking as an Independent Beachbody Coach

5.) i am engaged to be married to the man of my dreams, wearing the most beautiful engagement ring

6.) i have taken my very first international vacation

7.) i have paid off all of my loans with no new debt added

8.) i have been invited to speak at a Beachbody national/corporate event

9.) i live in a “zen den”: a cool, contemporary, streamlined, uncluttered, highly organized & functional living space that gives me a sense of serenity & calm

10.) i am a highly organized and efficient person who dominates masters my daily life instead of my daily life dominating me

identify one of these goals as your PUSH goal: the one that is required to make the others happen

i am a highly organized and efficient person who dominates masters my daily life instead of my daily life dominating me