day 4

let’s clarify your PUSH goal.

your PUSH goal is that goal that is required to push through all the other goals; the one that basically has to happen in order for the others to happen, that will feed into the success of your other goals

identify 1 or 2 of your yearly goals as your PUSH goals and identify WHY they are your PUSH goals

i am a highly organized and efficient person who dominates masters my daily life instead of my daily life dominating me

this goal has to be my main PUSH goal because without organization, discipline, and efficiency i will never get anything done and i will become overwhelmed with the variety of tasks that are required to achieve my goals in life.


i have achieved Team Beachbody Star Diamond ranking as an Independent Beachbody Coach

this goal would have to be my secondary or co-PUSH goal mainly because it would be the additional income producer required to meet the other goals…but i couldn’t do this one without the first one…..without careful management of my time and my actions i won’t be able to dedicate time to promoting Beachbody or committing to my own Beachbody program & healthy lifestyle.