day 2

Brainstorm EVERYTHING that is important to you right now.

helping others
uncluttered life/environment
learning & growing
inner peace
creating <art>
exploration (experiencing new things/people/places)
becoming debt free
becoming financially secure
bringing people together
making & keeping connections
bringing joy to others

star the five items that are the MOST important to you:

1) health, fitness, wellness, relaxation, meditation, enlightenment, inner peace (these things are basically the same things — health/wellness ideas)

2) relationship, family, friends, connections

3) becoming debt free & financially secure

4) helping others, bringing people together, bringing joy to others

5) learning, creating, experiencing

identify the top three items as your top three priorities:

1) my health & wellness

2) relationships

3) financial freedom & security

My #1 Priority: My health & wellness

the reason i have placed the greatest importance on this area of my life is that i deserve to be my own top priority and in so doing will become better able to achieve the other priorities in my life by collateral effect.

i will honor my #1 priority by vowing to do my best to always take care of myself through fitness & physical activity, good nutrition, eliminating negative stress in my daily life, focusing on the positive, having a positive attitude, bettering my experiences through meditation, mindfulness, being present, and learning in all areas of my life and doing those things that bring me joy.

the following actions would be inconsistent with my commitment to my #1 priority:

being sedentary
eating without a plan
being / doing anything in excess
not valuing myself
going against my own values for others
giving in to depression
being negative about life situations
avoiding/procrastinating actions

to honor my #1 priority i will limit:


to live my life according to my #1 priority i need to make the following changes:

consume more water/less soda
workout/move/be active daily
declutter & organize my world
be disciplined through structure, scheduling, & listing
follow through on all actions/promises/commitments
plan for food situations/menus/surprises
meditate  daily
read & learn something positive every day

My Number One Priority is to maximize my health & wellness on a daily basis by being disciplined, focused, and prepared to challenge old negative habits while strengthening & mastering positive habits that bring health & wellness into all areas of my life.