mondo beyondo list

do you know what mondo beyondo is all about? no? then get thee here and here. i’ll wait right here. seriously. go.

ok so now you know what mondo beyondo is all about. i’m taking the first (ever) session of the mondo beyondo e-course (the online course about DREAMING BIG) with andrea scher & jen lemen.

i decided to track the development of my MBL (mondo beyondo list) on my blog and then to give it a separate, unique page so that the updates are not lost in all my other stuff. this is for me, but if someone stumbles across it (intentionally or unintentionally) i can only hope that this gives you something good.

jacque’s Mondo Beyondo list

write & publish a novel

create soulful photography

create & accept love

travel internationally

attain and maintain financial wealth & a positive relationship with money

be beautiful

live in joy

believe in possibilties


Updates to the Mondo Beyondo!(December 12, 2009)

jacque’s Mondo Beyondo list

write & publish a novel : this really hasn’t begun to develop yet, but i also know that the experiences that i am having now may very well lead to this dream coming true.

create soulful photography: this dream is not coming to fruition as of yet. the dream is still there and may actually be developing in a slightly different way than i had originally seen. i have picked up the drawing pens, pencils, markers, and paint brushes recently and begun to create as an artist again. who knows where this will lead me. perhaps the photography is yet to come.

create & accept love: the way that this dream seems to be developing is amazing to me. my outlook towards people and life in general has changed because of my view of creating love in everything that i do. my ability to accept love, probably the hardest for me to accept on an emotional, psyche level, is definitely improving. there is a wonderful man from my past who has been brought back into my present. even though there are many miles between us at the moment, there is  something there still. i am content to believe that whatever transpires with this relationship will be the best for both of us. there is love there. how deep and how long it will go is yet to be determined.

travel internationally: this certainly is far off on the horizon, but i do think of places that i would like to visit someday. perhaps starting a list of places to go and things to do there will help move this dream along a bit further.

attain and maintain financial wealth & a positive relationship with money: i have spent a good amount of time trying to organize my finances much better and understand how i can better prepare for the future and pay for the things that i want to have or do.

be beautiful: well now this one is definitely going to be a difficult one for me, but it IS happening. slowly and painfully. i have always seen myself as extremely unattractive in many ways, but i have gotten to  a point that i can admit that i am of average attractiveness. i have taken steps to improve my overall appearance through better hygeine, adding exercise, and improving my wardrobe. i also see beauty as an inner quality and that has definitely begun to shine for me. perhaps due, in part, to the next two items on my list.

live in joy: i try to find the positive in everything. i’ve continued my readings of positive philosophies such as buddhist meditation, mindfulness meditation, and psychological philosophies. i am coming to terms with my own beliefs and values. i am, through joy, learning to appreciate the small things in life. just allowing another car to pull in front of me on the commute, giving up my seat to another on the train or subway, refusing to engage in negative interactions, and trying to focus on what is good in this life as opposed to what is wrong in this life.

believe in possibilties: perhaps the most amazing mondo beyondo experience thus far is watching and feeling the whole universe open up to me simply because i choose to believe in the possibilities. the level of anxiety about the unknown that i previously felt has melted away into peace and contented faith. along the vein of the law of attraction, my newfound belief and focus on the possibilities that the universe has to offer has certainly brought new relationships, new professional opportunities, new perspectives, and most importantly, a new feeling of happiness and peace.


2 Responses to mondo beyondo list

  1. silentwaystoheal says:

    we are so alike in so many ways
    based on what is written here, and i would love to know you
    your list reflects mine 🙂

  2. Palaniappan says:

    Beautiful, loved reading your blog.

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